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The municipality of Tetovo presents one of the biggest towns in the Republic of Macedonia, placed in the centre of the Polog Valley. The Polog Valley lies in the direction of southeast – northwest, in a length of a 55km, and in a width of 8-10km. Surrounded by the Sharr Mountain, Dry Mountain and Zheden Mountain. In the centre of the Polog Valley, near the Sharr Mountain, in the coastline of river Shkumbin lays the municipality of Tetovo with 86.560 inhabitants.

The region of Tetovo has a surface of 1.080 km 3, and lays in the lower part of the Polog Valley, in an altitude of 460-500 m. The geographic position of Tetovo is characterized of being in the crossroad of international corridors, such as: The 8th corridor (which passes in Tetovo), and the 10th corridor (which is 40 km away from Tetovo)

Tetovo has a half continental climate, with warm summers and relatively wet, cold winters with snow, the spring and the autumn have frequent showers. Because in all its sides it is surrounded by mountains and because of the air current which are warm and cold, in the Polog Valley the process of inversion is produced. The climate, the relief, and the geological constituents of the soil, have made it possible that many water resources be in Tetovo’s region. That is why Tetovo, is one of the few towns in Macedonia that has drinking water, water for the needs of the industry, and for watering.

Besides the geographical characteristics and natural resources that characterize Tetovo, this town is also a university centre of two universities, State University of Tetovo and the Southeast European University.

These two educational centres have given a huge contribution in the professional development of the new generations, towards new business challenges. All these features and resources, natural and human, make the process of businesses easier.

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