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Primary School "Perparimi"

The founding of the first secular four-year school in the village Recice e Madhe was done on the 1st February 1921 with the name ‘Velika Recica’. At that time the school had two classrooms, and the teaching was held in Serbian.

In 1942 with the decree of the Albanian Minister of Education Ernest Koliqi, Mr. Idriz Idrizi was appointed as the first teacher in the village. In the school year 1942/43 he opened the first primary school with the name ‘Aleksander Xhuvani’.  At the beginning there were 45 students, no females. Along with the first grade classes, there was formed another class with 40 grown up students (who in the time before the war, learned in Serbian), in order to learn the Albanian alphabet. At that time the teaching process was held 6 days in the week.

The number of the students increased steadily in both genders, there were students from the villages Recice e Madhe, Recice e Vogel, Rasadishte, Pallcisht i Eperm.

The primary school ‘Perparimi’ in 1965 was founded by the Council of the Municipality of Tetovo with the decision no. 06-1777/1.

In 1994 from the primary school ‘Perparimi’ was divided the primary school ‘Dervish Cara’ Palcisht i poshtem.

The first principal of the school was Idriz Idrizi and later: Bajram  Memeti, Refik Rexhepi, Akik Jusufi, Afet Jonuzi, Rakip Mazllami, Vebi Ademi, Isenazmi Neziri, Xhemalidin Jonuzi, Xhevahir Aliji, Hatip Shabani, Besnik Alili, and Ejup Rustemi.

From the first generation of this school until today, a number of students achieved to graduate, many of them: lawyers, doctors, nurses, economists, professors of different subjects, engineers, craftsmen, journalists, writers, commercialists, sportsmen, and other professions.

Nowadays the primary school ‘Perparimi’ has 731 students, out of which 392 males and 338 females, in an overall 34 classrooms. There are 62 employees, 22 males, 40 females out of which: 1 principal, 1 pedagogue, 1 psychologist. 1 librarian, 1 secretary, 51 teachers and 6 site staff. The teaching process is held in Albanian, in two shifts.


Address: Recice e Madhe
Phone: 044 481 352

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